Move, School, Vacation and Visitors

We went big in September.  Just 1 day after moving Cooper started school and a week after that we were off to Santa Cruz with a trip to Remlinger Farm in between.

Having a family day at Remlinger Farm was perfect to give us a chance to have fun as a family and get away from the chaos of just moving.

That week between Nene leaving and before we left on vacation, we also went for a family flight in the area because why not?

These cousins have so much fun together!

Fiona and Cooper reading together

Daphne and Cooper jumping over the waves at Natural Bridges State Park

Nicholas sliding under the watchful eyes of Stella and Fiona.

We look forward to our annual picture with our nieces and feel so fortunate to get to visit them many times each year to watch them grow and be in their lives.

Shortly after getting back from CA, Nana and Pop-pop came to visit us.  We took Nana Honeycrisp apple picking and we all loved it!

Nana and Pop-pop get to check out the views from Google’s Kirkland office while Cooper and Nicholas get to check out the cement mixer action just across the street from our new house.

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