First Day of Pre-K for Cooper

Before finding a house in Kirkland we signed Cooper up to attend Woodinville Montessori.  We had been looking for a house for a couple of years and believe it took signing a contract to help us finally find a home while continuing a school in Woodinville 😉  This is what I originally thought was the first day of school for both boys and why they have such huge smiles.  Turns out an hour later I read my email to find out Nicholas’ school wasn’t starting for another 2 weeks….poor guy was devastated.

Official first day of school pictures from a couple of weeks later…

The first few months of school were really hard on Cooper.  He was amazing during school, but would come home SO exhausted that he could barely keep it together.  Poor guy, going to school full time at 4 was so hard and we were asking so much of him, but he did it.  The day before Christmas break he told us he loved school and was excited to go.  Cooper had an incredible teacher, Ally, who really helped him get adjusted to Montessori schooling.

Cooper’s very first school friend at Woodinville Montessori was Tiberius.

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