Halloween Festivities

This is probably one of my very favorite pictures of the boys.  Rob does an amazing job capturing their Halloween excitement each year.  Nicholas pretty early on decided he wanted to be an airplane and didn’t waver from that idea.  I had hoped for one more year of themed costumes, but once Cooper got the idea of a porcupine, especially knowing it included spiked hair, he was hooked.  What we learned is that a box costume is not very practical since you can’t sit or really even walk in it, but it does make you look incredibly adorable.  Nicholas made it to 3 houses before he took a tumble off a step (since he couldn’t see due to the box) and headed home.  Cooper was rocking the porcupine and went a few blocks in the rain before we finally called it another successful Halloween night.

Testing out the box costume idea using the buddy system.

Our dear friends, the Fischers, from toddler group host an incredible Halloween party each year to get the old gang back together again.  My homemade costumes weren’t even close to being completed so we had to borrow these monster costumes, which the boys rocked.

Pumpkin carving fun.  I don’t think Rob is very fond of the cleaning out process, but he loves cooked pumpkin seeds too much not to do it every year 🙂

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