2.5 for Nicholas

Height: 36.5 (67%)

Weight: 30lbs 11oz (61%)

Nicholas has two “lovies”.  He uses the book Nene made for him as his pillow and must be holding the red spiked ball in a hand.  The ball makes for the funniest sleepy lines/spots on his face and hands.

Mr. independent has figured out how to get a plate down for his breakfast fruit after securing his yogurt from the fridge.

First round of antibiotics due to an infection from a leech.  Yes, it is true.  Nearly 2 weeks after I removed a leech from his leg in Jackson Hole it became infected and a quick trip to the urgent care had Nicholas on antibiotics, every 6 hours 24 hours a day…  You can see the innocent little circle from the original bite just above the rash looking area.

Nicholas has the best facial expressions and sweetest smile.  Just looking through pictures of our little guy always brings a smile to our faces.

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