March Brother Activities

They love to be the cord managers when the lawn is being mowed and they are really good at it.

They found one of our phones and figured out how to take a “selfie”

These bath time buddies are getting so big in their hooded towels

When the car wash line was too long they were both more than happy to help out with washing it at home.

Both boys still love the stroller.  Nicholas insists on getting it out to walk to the mailbox just so he can hold on to the side.  Cooper more often than not insists on getting in it to get pushed to the mailboxes, but sometimes he will do the pushing too.

Finally, my picture of shame.  In almost 4 years this had not happened, but this month I washed a diaper in the washing machine 🙁  It was amazing how the gel balls could get everywhere, both inside and out of every single piece of the kid laundry that was in there.  Hours of scrapping clothes and the washer and finding these gel balls everywhere, a lesson was definitely learned.

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