Kicking Off April With Some Fun

One of Nicholas’ first trips in the front seat during our family flight to dinner at Tacoma Narrows.

Cooper has been asking to ride in the backseat with Mama.  Who knows perhaps in another year or two I can get my front seat status back after a 5+ year “assignment” to the backseat with kids.

Checking out the new 520 bridge before it was opened for cars.  Making a family gate in honor of Nicholas’ love of gates 🙂

Dinner with friends, a successful first “kids table” meal.

The kids love to play the “chomp game” after dinner.  We are assigned seats on the couches where they run by trying not to get too close to our arms where they will get “caught” and kissed.

80 degree day in April, let the summer fun of beaches and digging begin!

Every couple of weeks Cooper will fall asleep during his 1 hour and 5 minutes of “rest time” and it is about the sweetest thing you will see to watch this beautiful boy sleep.

Our friends Gulnara and Dimitri Kieffer who are in the process of traveling the world by human power stopped by while they were in town for a wonderful visit.

Rob and I attended opening day in our seats and even had a visit by the moose before the game.

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