Cooper Turns 3!

Our little Cooper turned the Big 3 today!


Height – 40″ (95%)

Weight – 42lbs (99%)

Development:  Cooper’s imagination continues to grow and he loves to share the stories with you while he is playing.  He is taking on some chores by setting the table for dinner, bringing his plate over after meals and unloading the silverware from the dishwasher.  He loves his little brother and will do anything to get a laugh from him.  One of their favorite activities to do together is walk around the house pushing their walkers with Nicholas leading and Cooper following.  They really enjoy climbing and sliding down the stairs together too.  Cooper continues to impress us with how his language is developing.  His sentence structure is more complex and he is understanding verb tenses.  He knows about 20% of the letters in the alphabet with “C” being his favorite, of course.  He really wants you to watch him do things “Daddy watch this, daddy watch.”  He loves to go outside to see Daddy leave in the morning and say “Bye Daddy, have a good day, I luv you.”  Watching the garbage trucks is a regular Monday thrill for Cooper.  He understands order of events well which has been very helpful in planning out the day/week and setting expectations.  He loves his three regular Skype sessions with family and pushing the hangup button when they are done.

Physical:  Cooper is wearing 5T shirts and 4T pants, shorts and undies.  He still has the incredible double dimple smile and eyes that seem to sparkle when he smiles.  His hair is a light brown and his eyes are hazel.  He wears size 8 shoes.

Eating:  Cooper loves to eat and will usually try one bite of something new.  He will be the first to admit he likes it after he tries it.  Breakfast and lunch are his biggest meals with dinner being a hit or miss.  He gets milk with breakfast and dinner and drinks water for lunch and throughout the day from a straw cup.

Sleeping:  Cooper loves to sleep and sleep in his crib.  He goes to bed around 7pm and wakes up around 6am (this early wake up seems to happen every summer).  He is in bed for nap 2-4 and sleeps at least an hour of that, most of the time.  His bed time snuggle buddies are Ally the alligator and an animal alphabet book.  He has recently added Furry Friends, a hard cover book to his sleeping buddy list.

Firsts: Lost tooth, broken bone, big boy bed sleeping experience,

Cooper’s actual birthday summed up in pictures:

Last night in his 2s

His last night as a 2 year old was in his big boy bed in our Pensacola, FL hotel room.

We had been talking up for weeks about his birthday was going to be at the beach and he would get to dig in the sand.  Well, at 6am (central time) this is where we were…digging in the sand in our jammies, his birthdays wishes were coming true.

Just what we asked for, a beachy themed carrot cake

If you end up in Florida and need a cake the Publix carrot cake was delicious!  Cooper was so happy to have cake and get to share it with his extended family.

Auntie Catherine had teased that we should give Cooper 3 birthday cakes for his 3rd birthday.  Little did we know that would come true when the restaurant that evening gave him his third birthday dessert of key lime pie.

This is what a hopped up on sugar and so excited for his birthday boy looks like lounging pool side at 10pm.  Getting up before 6am and going to bed after 10pm let Cooper enjoy a very full birthday.


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