Nana Time

Nana loved getting extra Nicholas time during this visit now that he is warming up to visitors more quickly.

During the opening NFL game show Pharrell sang “Happy” and Cooper was hooked.  We replayed his performance a few times that day and he has not forgotten about it.  Nana scored major points by showing Cooper the music video for the song.  She played it many times each day she was here.  Cooper picked up more of the words and dance moves every time he watched it.  Fortunately/unfortunately for Cooper “Happy” only plays on Nana’s ipad 😉

Nicholas got in on some “Happy” dance action with Daddy

Nana brought a special gift with her this visit.  Some old books that she used to read to Daddy and his siblings.  Cooper is now hooked on this Ernie and Bert book, just like his Daddy was.

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