28 Months

Cooper’s verbal and social skills continue to blossom.  He was very excited to prepare these quiches for his friends that were coming over.  He continues to ask people “how you doing?” and saying hello to random people we cross throughout our day.  A few of the funny word choices Cooper used for a long time have now consistently been replaced with the real word.

icky = excavator

de da = thank you

Pooper= Cooper

Cooper can now jump where both feet come off the ground at the same time.  He LOVES to jump around the house and show off this new skill.

Potty update:  Cooper now poops on the potty, no longer requesting a diaper.   We still use a diaper for naps and overnight.  We have a small potty in both bathrooms and in the back of the car along with training toilet seats in both bathrooms.  At home with both boys using the little potty requires less work by me.  Daddy is doing a great job of working with Cooper on using the big potty with the trainer seat.  We are still helping him pull his pants and undies up and down.  We are working with him to do more of this on his own.  His adorable bubble bum does make it a bit tougher to get his pants up.  On occasion he will go potty by himself.  If we are downstairs and I am busy with Nicholas he has brought the potty into the room we are in so we can all be there together,  despite my efforts to have him keep it in the bathroom.

His favorite book is “The Bert and Ernie Book,” favorite song to sing is “Yellow Submarine” and favorite song to listen to is “Happy.”

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