27 Months

Language development has been one of the biggest changes in the past couple of months.

His vocabulary, pronunciation, and memory are all growing leaps and bounds daily.  He now says “Thank you” instead of “De Da,” “Excavator” instead of “Icky,” and most importantly “Cooper” instead of “Pooper.”  When we were preparing dinner one night he asked me to “Cut this tomato first and that one next.”


Please note Cooper’s hint of a southern accent during the song.  He loves singing and will start up a tune at any moment.  Some favorites are “Farmer in the Del,”  “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,” “Popcorn,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “ABCs” and “Frosty.”

Physical: All of his two year molars have come through his gums.  His hair is starting to lay down a bit.  He has adorable blonde leg hair now.

Developmental: Cooper requests a fork and finds something to cut with it at every meal.  He loves to explore with his tweezers and use his drill on the floor in search of “Mama milk.”

He loves to dig and all things with wheels: vacuums, cars, lawn mowers, shopping carts and strollers.

He continues to be a fantastic eater and will try everything.  When he is offered spicy food from his Daddy he eats that right up too.

Cooper seems to thrive with routine which has made the day to day activities run smoothly.  The biggest challenge he gives is with brushing his teeth in the morning.  He still loves his nap and heads up on his own right after lunch for it.  He typically sleeps 2-3 hours and many days Nicholas is even taking an hour+ nap during the same time.

Cooper loves to talk about the airplane and wearing a headset.  When he sees a plane in the sky he tells us it is going to Jackson Hole.  Any chance he gets to go for a flight with Daddy makes him so happy.




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