Post Nap Fun

The time between nap and dinner is pretty short, 1.5 hours.  When the weather agrees we try to get outside in our front yard for a few minutes.  Cooper has always loved blowing bubbles and this week he insists on doing it from inside this box.

After dinner we typically head upstairs for baths and relaxation time.  Nicholas is getting so strong and loves being upright in his exersaucer.  I think he prefers it to the activity mat because he can’t get frustrated from not being able to roll somewhere.

Football season has started and that means more Cooper commentary.  Last year we could get him to lift his arms for a touchdown, but now he talks the whole game too.  With each tackle we hear “fall down.”   In the picture above he said ‘”sleeping.”  We were both baffled and then looked at the tv and noticed the commentators eyes are both closed when we paused the tv so of course they were sleeping 🙂

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