Fire Station

Throughout the summer we have continued to meet on Wednesday with the families from Cooper’s toddler class.  This week we were treated to a tour of the Redmond fire station.  Cooper was pretty hesitant to climb up and go through the back of the firetruck. but he went through the motions.  He liked when they turned on the lights and wandering around looking at the vehicles.

Cooper gave Nicholas a victorious kiss after making it out the other side of the fire truck.  The firefighters liked his fire truck boots which made Cooper smile.

Most adventures end the same way they start, by sitting on the potty in the back of the car.

We followed the visit with lunch at one of my favorite places, Pomegranate.  Cooper really enjoyed the ranch dipping sauce for the carrots and opted to use his fork instead of the carrots to eat it.

Nicholas loved the restaurant too.

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