Camping at Blu-Shastin

I will start off by saying in my books this camping trip was a huge success and Rob would say it went all right.  Different perspectives are allowed when it comes to camping with a 4 month and 2 year old.  To help support my view of the trip the above picture was taken at breakfast the second morning and everyone is smiling.  Blu-Shastin was the location of this year’s annual camping trip with the Zimmardi, Turner and Johnson families.  I have great memories of camping with my grandparents in their camping group and love that we are headed down the path to give a similar experience to our kids.

Rob was able to take the day off of work so we could get packed up and headed over early.  We left right at nap time for the 2 hour drive and both boys slept the entire time.  This was our longest car trip since Cooper has been potty trained and with Nicholas who isn’t the biggest fan of being in the car.  When we got there Cooper helped Daddy set up the tent.

He quickly found a friend in Marcus who nicely shared his Nilla wafers with him.  They finished off the box of crackers within 20 minutes with just a little help from others.

Enjoying a hot dog dinner the first night before the rest of the group arrived at the sites.

Cooper loved Bobby, whenever Bobby sat down Cooper would quickly take a seat next to him smiling the whole time.

Preparing for bedtime with some teeth brushing.  Yes, we put Cooper to bed at 7pm and it was this bright out.

Nicholas got to stay up a little later and enjoy his first campfire.

The next morning Cooper felt right at home at the campsite laying on the ground to play with his truck, just like he would do at home.

Daddy and Cooper practiced jumping off the edge of the pool.

Nicholas was less of a fan of pool time.

He did love riding around with Daddy

While Mama, Cooper, Addison and Jenn enjoyed putting their toes in the river

Nicholas slept in the Peapod and Cooper slept in the pack-n-play on one side of our two room tent.

Bedtime the second night was a bit tougher with all of the noise from the other kids and campers.  We finally laid down with both boys to get them to fall asleep before joining the others back at the campfire.

A group kid photo to mark this awesome annual camping adventure!

Cooper, Michael, Addison, Braeden, Marcus, Anthony, Bryce, Alexa and Nicholas

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