Retirement Party

Some of us have been to a retirement party for Ron Cooper ;), but never the entire family.  His old boss hosted a wonderful party for him at her home.  We were a bit nervous about the long drive to West Seattle at rush hour and the late night dinner, but everything worked out perfectly.  We are calling this night Cooper’s “coming out” party too.  He was a whole new kid, not shy at all after just a few minutes with this group of people he had never met before.  He was singing them songs, running into their arms and all around entertaining the whole group.  It was really fun to see such an outgoing side of Cooper.  We changed the kids into their jammies and left around 10.  We thought Cooper would pass out in the car after being silly for so many hours, but he proved us wrong and stayed up the entire 45 minute car ride home.

Nicholas enjoyed a brief quiet moment in the festivities with a snooze on their living room floor.

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