Alki Beach

We took the Sadliers up on the offer to join them at the beach today.  With the extra hands of having Amanda, George and George’s mom, Pat, there the adult to kid ratio was 4:3.  This was such a fun day, but also a humbling reminder that the beach with a toddler and nursing infant might be a bit overwhelming to try alone.  The weather was a little chilly with the overcast, but we all had a wonderful time.  All these adorable photos were taken by Amanda.

Using his new bucket and shovel in the sand.

I love this picture capturing Cooper’s piggies in the sand.

Beach running buddies.  This matchup worked perfectly.  It kept the two toddlers together, got a lot of energy out without exhausting an adult, and kept Madeleine distracted from her desire to go swimming in the freezing water.

Both kiddos enjoyed holding George’s hand on the walk back to the cars after a delicious lunch at Duke’s.  Lunch went really smoothly considering I hadn’t planned for us to eat out.  My purse/diaper bag was a ziploc bag I found in the back of the car.  We made it through with no snacks and eating our meals during a Nicholas nursing session.  Both boys did a fantastic job rolling with the punches during lunch.  I really appreciate how easy lunch can be when Cooper and I can share food and I am pretty confident he will eat whatever I order for us.  Today we had the kids salmon fillet with sweet peas and a goat cheese pesto quesadilla.

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