July 4th

We love three day weekends!  Especially when the weather is nice.  In the morning we wanted to get a flight in to keep both boys familiar with flying in preparation for a longer trip later this summer.  We ended up flying to Friday Harbor where we arrived just after the parade ended, but in time for their Pig War picnic.

Wanting to take advantage of the small town celebration.  Cooper and Daddy participated in his first cake walk.

After lunch we walked down to the water to look around.  We found an ice cream shop and decided it was a great day for Cooper to have his first ice cream cone.  He really enjoyed Daddy’s almond praline and thought Mama’s lemon sorbet was pretty good.


We ended the holiday with a barbecue at the Miller house where both kids were pretty exhausted so we called it a night early.  On the walk home the neighbors were lighting off flower and bumble bee fireworks so Cooper got to see a couple of kid friendly ones before heading to bed.

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