Juanita Park

One of my favorite parts of Kari’s visit was exploring a new park in Juanita.  Cooper loved walking out on the docks and searching for ducks, birds and turtles with his Auntie.

Sisters and brothers

As an amazing parting gift Kari left me with two kids asleep in their cribs.  This was a first for Nicholas and it lasted 20 minutes!  I definitely need her to come back to enjoy more dual sleeping time.

Cooper loves to say things over and over again.   Auntie Kari left behind two vivid memories for Cooper to keep talking about.  One intentional and one not.  The intentional one was to make up for when we fed Daphne on all fours instead of on her back.  They had to keep feeding her that way for a week after we left, oops 🙂  In response Kari taught Cooper that he should have his eyebrows and elbows cleaned after every feeding in addition to his hands and mouth.  This is still one of my favorite pictures of Daphne.

Cooper kept saying “Auntie, garage door stuck.”  It took me a couple of days to finally figure out why he keeps saying this.  When she was here she kept locking the garage door, like they do at her house, which kept locking us out.  I realize we were talking about this a ton since we couldn’t figure out when the door kept getting locked until Kari said she was the one doing it.

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