Auntie Kari Arrives!

We ARE so excited, Auntie Kari arrived to Seattle today.  Our first stop on the way home from the airport was lunch at Bamboo Garden.  This is an all vegetarian Chinese food restaurant in downtown Seattle.  Nicholas greeted his Auntie with some cries in the car, but she was still game for trying the restaurant stop if we were.  Cooper’s favorite part was the fortune cookie.  His said “It’s okay to slow down and smell the roses.”

Nicholas loved to snuggle with Auntie Kari.

During her visit we went to the Woodinville library story time and one of our favorite fenced in toddler parks.

Exploring the library outdoor area before story time
Learning to fly like superman on the swing just like his cousins do

Cooper is getting more and more comfortable at this toddler park and even climbed this ladder to get to the slide instead of using the stairs.

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