Milk in Eyes

Cooper loves to give Nicholas a good morning kiss, sometimes he is a bit more aggressive.  He can be extra sweet too.

This day marks the first time I put the theory that breast milk heals anything to the test.  Nicholas has a super goopy eye from a clogged tear duct or pink eye.  I called the doctor and they said it was worth trying breast milk in his eye.  I am so happy to report that it worked to clear up his eyes in just a few days!

It is Tuesday so we got to see our PEPS friends at a Kirkland toddler park.  Everyone was here so we took advantage with another group photo.  As the kids are approaching two the pictures are getting even more exciting to coordinate.

Attempt #1

They are sitting youngest to oldest.  We all have the 2 year old toddler energy coming our way and it looks like Cooper will be next by age 🙂

Attempt #2



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