17 Months

Clothes – Moved to 24month and 2T tops, pajamas and one piece outfits.  Still in 18-24 months for pants.  Shoes are a size 5.

Words – Touchdown with the arms (sometimes), fan (when pointing to the one above our kitchen table), dirty (in reference to his dirty diaper after being changed), cheese, fish, socks, shoes, Mama and Nene.

Development – First swim lesson.  Making baskets with his basketball hoop.  He enjoys throwing and is pretty good about just throwing balls instead of all his toys.  He loves to put on our shoes and try to walk around the house.  His very favorite thing to do this month is walk up behind Daddy and say “rum, bum, bum” which is when Daddy picks him up and gives him piggy back rides.

Helping Daddy find his shoes before work
Cooper holding on for “Rum, bum, bum” fun with Daddy

Routine and Eating – Cooper has been waking up a little later this month, closer to 7:15 which has been a special treat!  Bedtime is still at 7pm and he has been taking a 2 hour nap around 1 in the afternoon.  He still loves to eat almost anything and is willing to try new foods.



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