Mama and Nene

Cooper and Nene Coloring

A magical thing happened during Nene’s visit.  Cooper said Mama for the first time!  He quickly followed Mama by saying Nene within a day too.  It made it very fun while we were shopping at Hobby Lobby to hear him say one of our names when he saw us down an aisle.  So happy this milestone has now been reached!

Nene is very good at making sure we get projects done during her visits.  This year the big task was to tackle matching Christmas pajama bottoms for Daddy, Mama and Cooper.  Happy to report it was a success and we are now ready for this year’s Christmas.  We did have a small hiccup when the power went out for 24 hours (no sewing machine).   However, thanks to super Daddy, Nene and I got out for a cookie making class while he kept Cooper entertained in the dark.

Final fitting of Cooper’s new Christmas pants

Nene loves to introduce Cooper to toys that make lots of noise and silly dancing.  She did not disappoint this trip.  We have been enjoying the new dance moves Cooper uses for his Casper Baby Pants CD even after she has left.

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