Day 13: Four Corners – Check and then Incredible Scenery

It was a high-five kind of morning

Cooper settling in before our next flight.

It felt so good to get some rest and tackle the warm dessert area in the morning instead of turbulent afternoon.  We were debating where to spend the last few days of the trip and thought it would be fun to take 2 nights and check out Park City, Utah.

We opted to go a little out of the way and fly over the Four Corners Monument on our way north.  We both agreed after seeing just how isolated the monument was that flying over was the perfect option.  Now Cooper, Daddy and Mama can mark off visiting the Four Corners and we didn’t have to drive 2 hours to do it 🙂

Four Corners Monument from the air

The terrain on the way to Moab, Utah was absolutely breathtaking.  We took a lot of pictures and couldn’t get over just how different the views were from anything else we saw on our trip.

Potash evaporation ponds with blue dye near Moab

With all of our stops at smaller airports people have been incredibly helpful and the lounge areas have been incredibly clean.  Both of these were not so true at Moab.  It was a good reminder that we had started to take these previous experiences for granted.  Cooper was very eager to get some energy out by crawling around the pilot lounge.  I wish I would have taken a picture, but the top of his socks were black with dirt after just 10 minutes on the floor we had to take them off so they wouldn’t end up in his mouth.  This was one of the first times we were thinking how nice it would be if Cooper was walking to help keep him a little further from the dirt 🙂

View at the Moab airport


Landing at the beautiful Heber, Utah airport

We were spoiled, the rental car company drove the car right up to the plane and we signed the papers on the hood.  For most stops I did the driving to give Rob a break since he was our designated pilot.

Rental Car Picnic

Cooper enjoyed playing in the back of the rental car and having a picnic lunch while Daddy checked out why we smelled fuel on the landing.   This was the only time the airplane caused us any trouble the entire trip.  Once Rob determined nothing was leaky we were off to check out Park City.  We were reminded again how Cooper is so relaxed and a fantastic  “go with the flow” baby.

Celebrating family time in Park City at Wasatch Brewery.

Our room at the Silver King was ridiculous!  It was so big and over the top decorated in Western theme and leather (including a leather paneled comforter!).  It felt like we were staying in someone’s home vs. a hotel room.  We were in Park City during the “mud season” so our room rate was $95/night vs. $500/night for the same room during ski season.

This is the living room, not pictured (A full kitchen, 2 bathrooms and bedroom that is just as large). Do you see Cooper’s pack-n-play for scale?



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