Day 14: Olympians

Mama and Cooper on the tour bus at Olympic Park

Today we adventured over to the 2002 Olympic Park where they did the ski jumping and bobsledding events.

Bottom of the long jump
Top of the long jump – it is so steep you can’t even see the markings for the area where you land
Kochman family bobsledding team

The aerial practice pool was the coolest part of the tour.  You can see the bubbles they trigger to cushion the jumper’s landings as they practice their skills all summer long.  If there had been shade in the area, we would have watched them practice for hours.

Crazy, I graduated high school with Jill Bakken (bottom right) the gold medal bobsled winner at the 2002 Olympics
Cooper enjoyed checking out the 2002 Winter Olympics museum with Daddy
That crazy kid of ours is always wanting to pose for photos 😉

We ended our last “no fly” day of the trip with some family time at a park in Park City.

Family time in Park City
Cooper at swing attempt #4, no tears this time, with the comfort of Daddy so close
Cooper getting ready for bed on his last night as a 0 year old

It was so hard to believe that one year ago our amazing Cooper wasn’t even here yet and we were just starting the labor process this night.

Sweet dreams our almost 1 year old birthday boy!


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