Do the Puyallup

Rob and Cooper at the fair

What a fun day!  We decided to make it a full day and adventured down to the Puyallup fair.  We enjoyed looking at the animals (Cooper was not as big of a fan of the loud roosters), eating fair food and playing some of the games.

Cooper and Rob at the ring toss
Mom makes me do the silliest things

All fair pictures here.

On our way home we stopped by to visit Aunt Janet and Michelle along with the kiddos Stephen and Paige.  Cooper was pretty hungry and tired at this point, but rallied for a nice short visit.

The evening was finished off with Rob and me playing board games, which I love and made it feel like one of the old weekend nights pre-kiddo.

Cooper did wake up at 11:30pm for another feeding, which hadn’t happened since he was 6 weeks old.  Rob is guessing it happened because we were still awake and we are hoping it was just an off day/night.

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