Newborn Photo Shoot, Updates and Redhook







On Saturday we had a newborn photoshoot done with Ashley Fuentes.  She had Cooper downstairs for 4 hours and we never heard a peep out of him.  She is amazing!  We received these two photos as a teaser from the session and posted the full set of photos here:

Cooper update:  He is 98th percentile in height and head circumference and 85th in weight at 9 lbs 13 oz.  He continues to grow at 2 ounces a day vs. the average 1 ounce a day for a newborn.

Kelly update:  I continue to feel better each day from the surgery and stopped taking Percocet just a few days after leaving the hospital.  I did have some extra soreness on one side of my incision and learned that the side the doctor stands on is often much more sore than the other side due to the angle and strength used on that side.  We have started family walks and my pace is slowly picking up from a mosey.  The swelling from 24 hours of IV fluid in the hospital is slowly starting to go down and hopefully in a few weeks my shoes and wedding rings will fit again.  It is still a big adjustment to be sitting with Cooper for an hour every ~3 hours to feed him instead of running around and being more productive at home.  Thank goodness for Rob who is doing so much around the house while I am feeding Cooper.

Rob update: Rob started his 3+ weeks of paternity leave and we are so happy to have this family time together.  Our typical routine is for Rob to burp, “top off” with a bottle and change Cooper’s diaper at each feeding.

We adventured to Redhook for our first meal in a restaurant and had a great time.

Getting Ready for Redhook Lunch and Beer



We wrapped up the weekend with Cooper’s first bath at home, he is not a big fan of bath time.

First Bath at Home

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