48 more hours in the Hospital

It is crazy to think after delivery we were going to be on our own in just 48 hours.

The morning after delivery between nurse visits we started talking about names and later that afternoon decided on Cooper Ingalls Kochman.

Cooper – My maiden name and a name that would not be continued with the last generation made up of 3 girls

Ingalls – Rob’s mom’s maiden name and that of the grandparents he spent many summers with growing up.

While in the hospital Cooper had a glucose test, photography session, circumcision, hearing test and his first bath.  Rob and I attended their basic parenting class.  I must admit, for nearly all of these 48 hours I was in a fog from the pain medications and just went through the motions I was told to do.  A very bizarre feeling and one I hope I don’t have to go through again.

Routine Hearing Test
Rob was also lucky enough to get to change his first poopy diaper.

With all the baby checks completed, we were officially discharged on Saturday June 9th at 7pm.  We had one last test to pass and that was the car seat installation which Rob passed with flying colors.


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