Taking the Show on the Road

Santa brought Cooper a balance bike for Christmas and he has spent the past 6 months riding it all around the house on the same figure 8 track.  We told him once it was sunny we would let him ride outside and then the bike would become an outside bike.

On the first day of riding outside we quickly realized one big difference between inside and outside, hills.  He is adapting quickly and chooses to slow down and stop by dragging the soles of his shoes.  A highlight of his day is getting to ride to go meet Daddy when they can ride their bikes home together.

All that bike riding leads to Cooper’s new favorite game.  He loves to water the lawn and garden for 20 -30 minutes.  When I get down to the two minute warning to come into the house he turns the hose on himself and proceeds to get drenched from head to toe.


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