Jackson Town Square

We were official tourists and had our picture taken in front of the antler arches in the town square.

We then got some energy out with a game of chase in the grass.

Nicholas was excited to get out of the carrier after being jolted around during chase and have some time on the grass with Nana.

Cooper loved crossing with the flag on the way to check out the Snake River Brewery smores competition with a local bakery.  The brewery smores is still the best in our book.

Annual family picture on the deck.

Nana and Pop-Pop got in on the family deck photo action this year.

Nicholas is liking this whole flying thing.

When Nicholas did wake up from a snooze and was upset he would instantly fall asleep on my chest when I took him out of the car seat.  I know these sleeping snuggle times are fleeting so it was extra special to be able to comfort him so easily.

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