Egg Hunt

Cooper and Nicholas both enjoyed their first public Easter Egg hunt this year.  Nicholas didn’t end up wanting to crawl towards any eggs when the time came, but he did have the official participant wristband so I think it should count.

During the 5 minute count down Cooper was brimming with excitement to get out there and fill his basket with eggs.  Then the Easter Bunny came to our section.  This froze him in his tracks and Cooper wanted nothing to do with the eggs anymore.

He mustered up enough courage to collect 9 eggs and then headed back to find us.  The competitive side of us wanted to encourage him to keep picking up eggs (as you can see from the photo there were still plenty there), but we resisted and celebrated with him while he opened his eggs.  The best part of the 1-2 year old egg hunt is that they requested the parents stay behind the flags.  When people followed the rule, for 5 minutes, it was fun to see the kids adventuring out on their own before it became a mass of adult bodies and you could no longer see the eggs or kids.

A highlight of the day for Cooper was the post hunt soccer.  He isn’t into the bouncy houses and other activities that had incredibly long lines so this worked out perfect.

Just one more perk of living where we do.  We strollered the kiddos to (me) the egg hunt and back up the hill home (Rob) afterwards avoiding all parking and traffic troubles.

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