13 Months

Development:  Nicholas has now climbed his first step and is getting even faster at crawling.  He loves to chase after his brother.  After months of sign language he signed back his first sign, all done, during a meal.


Nicholas loves when you tell him no in a teasing way and remove him from an object.  Example: playing the piano when his brother is sleeping.  Once removed from the object he crawls as fast as he can back to it giggling the entire time.

Another favorite area to crawl to is the bathroom.  This time he spent a second too long in there alone before we got him out.

Nicholas and Elliott – Photo Credit: Amanda

Nicholas is also starting to interact more with his little friends.  He has a buddy, Trigg, at toddler group that he often shares slobbery toys with and he is starting to engage with his PEPS friends too.

Physical:  The elusive 8th tooth, bottom second left, finally came through this month.

Eating:  His meals are very greasy and fatty now.  Breakfast is often sausage and eggs with whole milk and cheese.  Fruit is smothered in olive oil and butter is added to nearly everything.  We still haven’t made big progress in using a sippy cup or the volume of food that he eats, but hopefully it is just a slow change that is harder to see on a daily basis.

Sleeping:  Nicholas will fall asleep about 50% of the time in the morning and do so for 30 minutes.   His afternoon nap is an hour long 90% of the time unless it is the weekend.  Having Daddy home must be exhausting because on the weekend he will more often sleep 2 hours in the afternoon.  Nicholas goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up between 5:30am and 6:30am.  Some weekends he will sleep until 7.  If he gets up before 6am I will nurse him and put him back in bed where he will often fall back to sleep until a little after 7, when big brother wakes up.

Nicholas loves to sleep at the far left end of his crib where he is hidden from the camera.  The only way to know he is still in bed if one of us isn’t home is by whether his bedroom door is closed or open.

Firsts: Climbing a step, sign language “all done,” black eye, and eating all things super fatty.

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