33 Months

Cooper’s vocabulary is growing at an incredible rate.  He is able to give more context to help you understand what he is saying if you don’t get it the first time.  He has added one word that is unique to his vocabulary “gay-gay.”  It is used to identify anything he doesn’t know the name for “that is a gay-gay” or to be silly it is added everywhere such as “you are gay-gay.”

Funny words: Bee-rito (burrito) and Daddy calls him a Coop-rito, Hairport (airport)

He is a non-stop talker and singer.  He will talk and sing for 2+ hours in his bed during nap time.  He can sleep 2-3 hours in bed at nap time and is typically in there 1-4pm.  His bed time is routinely pushing closer to 7:45 and he wakes up a little before 7am.  Night time routine is getting longer.  Bath, lotion, get pajamas on, brush teeth, watch a little Daniel Tiger or Curious George, Daddy and Mama go to sleep with potty time, snuggles to blow on flags, then diaper, heater and then finally good night kisses and song when he is placed in his crib.

Loves making Nicholas laugh, being outside (park, sweeping, kicking the soccer ball, bubbles, stroller rides etc) and samples at Costco

Still eats nearly everything with just a short list of dislike: mustard, cooked carrots, avocados.

His quantity of consumption is quite amazing so we are very lucky that he is not picky.  Breakfast is often a full yogurt, whole banana, 1/2 cup cereal, 1 cup fruit, orange, and an optional oatmeal.  Lunch is a full peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 20+ grapes, 1/2 veggie straws and an orange with a negotiation that he can have more food after nap if he is still hungry (he always is still hungry).

Loves dips and sauces of all kinds. Even hot sauce! He will dip anything including veggies.

Loves going fast with Grandpa, talking to Grandparents and Aunties on the computer

His memory is incredible and many of the stories start with “yesterday” which makes it sounds like our days are packed 🙂


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