Stomach Bug

Our house was hit and hit hard by the stomach bug.  It started with Nicholas Thursday, Mama Thursday night, Cooper Friday and Daddy Friday night.  Friday marked the first day Rob stayed home from work to take care of the kids so I could take a “sick day.”  As it worked out Cooper got sick late morning so we instead opted for a divide and conquer strategy.  Cooper and I laid down and watched Curious George and Daniel Tiger ALL DAY long while Nicholas and Daddy played downstairs to stay as far away as possible.

Saturday morning Daddy was really hurting so it was Mama and the boys.  Cooper said he felt better and ate a ton of food for breakfast.  Big mistake on my part since I was still eating a cracker a day total and didn’t think to regulate his intake.  Above Nicholas is very proud of his accomplishment crawling over my pillow wall which was intended to keep him away from the carpet I was cleaning up.  Note to self, regulate food and don’t feed oranges when tummies are still off for staining reasons.  Fortunately, Cooper is getting close to being fully “bowl trained,” as my family called it growing up, making the repeat clean up process easier.

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