Party Prep

These two are getting excited for the upcoming Big 1 birthday party this weekend.  I am really going to miss the crawling stage.  Hearing Nicholas’ little hands slapping against the ground and the squeals from Cooper when they are crawling together.  It melts my heart every time.

We celebrated Nicholas’ birthday at toddler group with the birthday ladybug and everyone sang to him.

Good thing Grandma stopped by.  She saved us tons of time by showing us how to use our Cuisinart.  Funny enough, it is one of those wedding presents we don’t use a ton, but we are so grateful we have it. Shredding carrots for carrot cakes is the top use.

Nicholas helped us prepare for the party by reorganizing the water bottle cupboard.

We wrapped up party planning week with a painting date night.  This amazing husband gave me the most creative Christmas present of a pre-planned date a month for 2015.  We are loving this special time together!

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