Tucson Adventures Continued

Enjoying breakfast with Auntie on our last full day together.

Fiona LOVED to take care of Nicholas and was always thinking of ways to make him happy and entertained.  Here she is helping him get a teether in his mouth.

Stella stacked up these blocks over and over again so Nicholas could knock them down.  She was so patient and creative in finding ways to play with him.

When the troops were getting restless we headed out to play with the water tables.  When I came back out Auntie had everyone running around the hot tub bench trying to avoid the Cooper waterfall.  Those were so very happy kids!

This picture may not look significant, but it captures an annual tradition for my sister and me.  For the past 6 years I have visited her near Halloween and we have made costumes for her kids, and now mine, together.  The stars aligned and while the girls were at swimming, Cooper and Nicholas were both down for a nap so we started crafting.  Nicholas joined us shortly, but we were still able to complete his egg costume and a few pieces of Daphne’s My Little Pony costume.

Science Auntie and cousins.  They loved the exploding chalk science experiment we sent them for their birthdays and wanted to do it with us while we were in town.  The skies were threatening a big storm, but as soon as I hinted I really wanted to see this, Auntie Kari made it happen.

Cooper got his own magic orange chalk and vinegar bottles.

Smiles as we tried to quickly make the reaction happen while the rain drops were already starting.

Everyone loves scissors!  Auntie introduced Cooper to this magical pair of scissors that only cuts paper.  It was his first time using scissors on his own and he couldn’t find enough paper to cut with them.  If you notice Cooper’s outfit, this is what you get when you don’t want to use your only clean spare airplane outfit the night before you fly home.  Thanks for loaning us your 5t clothes, I cannot believe how well they fit.

The jumper was intended to be Nicholas’ “safe place” to avoid getting run over if he was laying on the floor.  It turns out the girls were so excited to see him use it, after much anticipation, they would beg for him to go in it and continuously show him how everything worked when he was in there.  It ended up keeping everyone entertained and busy so that was perfect.


Our last morning before flying home we had the privilege to walk the girls to their bus stop.  It was really special to get to see them get on the school bus with their backpacks.  Cooper loved seeing the bus and I loved seeing my nieces excited for kindergarten.

After a pre-boarding lunch and diaper change we were looking forward to starting our airplane adventure.

So happy to be headed home to see Daddy!

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