Dogs and Town

Nicholas was welcomed to Jackson with morning sniffs from Gracie.

Cooper loved to pet Louie.  He would call Louie by his name, but insisted on calling Gracie “Doggie, no barking.”

We followed the yummy Pop-pop breakfast with a trip to town for some tourist time.  Nicholas loved walking around town with Daddy, similar to how Cooper did 2 years ago.

What better way to wrap up a trip to town than ice cream cones at 10am 🙂  There were no objections to making this stop from the kids or adults.


After our ice cream treat we headed to Snake River brewery for lunch.  Yes, this day was off to a fantastic start!

Nicholas is making his Daddy and Pop-pop very proud by diving right into this Zonker stout.

Nicholas loved meeting Auntie Catherine and getting lots of snuggles.

This is what nap time looks like on the deck at the cabin, so quiet and relaxing!

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