A Sleeping Nicholas

Each night Nicholas looks very similar to this picture when we put him to bed.  Most of the time his eyes are a bit droopier, but you get the idea.   He faces the same way, we turn his head to the left, still trying to get his head re-rounded, and put a binky in his mouth.

In the morning it is always a surprise.  Many times his face is against the front side of the crib and sometimes an arm or two sneak out.  He tends to move to his left and counter-clockwise up and rarely to his right or down.

We are doing a light sleep training with the monitors turned down, but still go in there to give him a binky once or twice a night to help him get back to sleep.  We have to work on having him self-soothe, but with everyone so desperately needing sleep we seem to keep taking the quick back to sleep binky approach.

It is crazy how he can wake up so happy after being in bed for 10 hours without eating, but wake up just a few minutes over 2 hours between feedings during the day screaming because he is starving.

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