PEPS v2 and Leaving the House

Molly, Nicholas and Graham at 4 months old

Introducing the next round of PEPS kiddos!  As if the PEPS group couldn’t get any more amazing and supportive, it did.  Graham is 3 weeks older and Molly is 2 weeks older than Nicholas.  It has been really nice to go through the ups and downs of being a parent of two with two incredible moms.  Much like when we did these group shots with our first born kiddos, the smiles are short lived at this young age.  I like the second picture even better than the first one.

We are now on day 4 of potty training and decided we are ready to take the show on the road.  Today’s PEPS meeting was at a park and I felt confident with so many other caring friends there that we could pull this off as a team.  I was very impressed by Cooper who, in the middle of playing, yelled out “pee on the potty.”  I must have been a sight as I gave Nicholas to the closest person and went running over to Cooper, scooped him up and ran to the back of our car where we had one of the potties set up.  It was a success, Cooper made it to the potty his first time in public without an accident.  On the way home from the park he said “pee on the potty” again and I made the poor choice to pull over on the highway to have him go.  I will not do that again since it is not worth the danger of being on the side of the road vs. having a wet car seat.

We have found a solution for poop.  Cooper had not pooped in 3 days and we were getting worried about our typical daily pooper.  When starting the poop dance we asked if he wanted a diaper on and he said yes.   Cooper now says “diaper poop” and we put one on him so he can poop and then he goes back to wearing undies and using the potty for pee the rest of the day.  We are not sure how long we will stick with this diaper solution, but we have heard not to press the issue so we will keep doing it until Cooper requests to use the potty instead.

The highlight of being on Day 4 of potty training is that we now get to see Cooper in his adorable superhero undies.  It was actually a tough task to find undies that were not Disney character themed.  I realized late that if we were potty training we needed undies so I had to head out last minute in search of them.  Now with a few more days to look around Costco is the place to get them.  I have also learned that the original 2T-3T pack fit Cooper, but the 4T size is much easier for him to get on and off.  We are still working on getting him to pull his own pants down and up, but with so much other success, we will take it.

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