2nd Birthday Party

Cooper is 2!  To celebrate we invited a small group of friends to a local park for some snacks and birthday cake.  Traditions we want to do for each birthday include holding the number of balloons for his agewearing a homemade number shirt and having a homemade (carrot, while we still get to decide) cake.

Cooper had so much fun digging in the dirt, swinging and playing with friends at his party.

Swinging with Grandma and Grandpa

An interesting fact, I have just one cousin, Michelle.  Even more fun fact, we actually keep in touch and together now have 5 kids that will grow up together!

Nicholas, Stephen, June, Paige and Cooper

Enjoying a yummy carrot cake cupcake  (thanks for the recipe, Nicole!).  Cooper calls birthday cake “happy cake” and requests one for breakfast each morning we have had them in our house.  No, we haven’t actually given him cupcakes for breakfast, even though it sounds pretty delicious.  When trying to make the frosting, Cooper was in the other room and instantly came running in begging to be put on the counter as soon as he heard the sound of the mixer.  This kid loves mixers, lawnmowers, vacuums, and construction vehicles!

A family photo captured on Cooper’s special day.  All of the pictures from his birthday party can be found here.

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