Mall and Visitors

Love these turkey butts and we even got a smile 🙂

It was a jam packed day.  We got the kiddos and Nene loaded up in the car to go to Kirkland for a walk to get some energy out.  As soon as we pulled out of the driveway it started to rain.  With everyone loaded we decided we still needed to go somewhere so we went to the Totem Lake Mall to walk around.  I had planned to take Rob here as part of a date night due to his curiosity of old nearly vacant malls, but we hadn’t made it there until today.  It was fun to reminisce with my mom about the old mall and her days at Lamonts.

Later that day my Aunt Janet, Cousin Michelle and her littlest kiddo, June, came to visit.  We had unsuccessfully tried to meet up early to meet June, who is now almost 6 months old, but someone was always sick or busy.

Michelle, June, Janet, Cooper, Nene, Nicholas and Kelly
A very talented multi-tasking Daddy

Bittersweet to take a final pregnancy photo with Nicholas in my arms.  I enjoyed pregnancy so much and will always cherish the kicks and movements of both our boys in my tummy.  It was such a special bonding experience, but I am also excited to start the next chapter for our family now that both boys are here and we will continue our adventures.

A final belly picture




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