19 Months

Sleeping:  Primarily a nap pose, we don’t know how much longer this bum in the air sleeping will last, but we hope it continues for a while.  Each day we put him in his crib for 2 naps. For the first one around 9am he talks or fusses nearly the entire 30-60 minutes which is when I take a shower and get ready for the day.  His second nap is around 12:30pm and he now sleeps 2-3 hours most days.  We have introduced the alphabet book and Ally the alligator as his nap time buddies, but he doesn’t seem to care if they are in there or not.  It is easy to see how quickly he fell asleep in the afternoon by whether or not these toys and his socks are in the crib or thrown out.  We continue to start our bedtime routine at 6:30 with a bath, then pajamas, milk in a sippy cup while running around playing, brush teeth, change diaper, read books and in bed close to 7pm.  We still use a sleep sack and have nothing else in his crib overnight.  Each night before we go to bed we sneak in to peak at him.  He always looks so peaceful that we just want to pick him up and bring him to bed with us to cuddle.

Language: First clear word, “Stop” from our visit to Houston when talking to the dogs.  He is entering the “No, No No” phase and we are still trying to get him to say the word Yes.  For common words like “More” he is now choosing a preference to say it instead of just signing, but he usually signs it at the same time.

Activities: Climbing onto the coffee table, getting into the childproof cupboard, locking the bathroom door from the inside, drinking from a cup, preferring to go downstairs bumping along on his bottom and using utensils at meals.

I am having a harder time with this age milestone.  He seemed so young up to 18 months, but now that he is 19 months 2 years old seems so close and so old!  Where did the time go?

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