Sex Party

I originally had the invite labeled as Gender Reveal Party, but Rob thought it would be much funnier to call it a Sex Party.  He wins, I laughed and so did many others.  This being our second and last baby we thought it would be fun to find out the gender in a different way with a small group of friends and family.  We had Hillcrest Bakery make us this beautiful carrot cake and make the frosting inside pink or blue depending on what the ultrasound technician wrote on the card we gave them.

It’s a boy

You have to watch the video to appreciate Cooper’s face in the last picture.  We would like to think it was everyone cheering and saying it’s a boy that scared him and made him cry, not that he was hoping for a sister 🙂

We were both so happy we had this party as a fun way to celebrate our newest addition and learn together that we will be having a boy!  The video of our special reveal moment.

Some more party pictures and the rest are posted here.

Cooper and Auntie Catherine

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