13 Months

So much to say with the wind in my hair

With the first year behind us we excited to see how Cooper grows and changes during his second year.  This month can be summed up with one word: development. Cooper added so many new skills to his list this month that it doesn’t even seem possible it all happened in just 30 days.

All that happened this month:

  • Signing – He continues to sign “more” when eating; he even uses it to tell us he is hungry
  • Climbs stairs – Almost always leading with his right foot
  • Clapping – He now claps on demand most days if you ask him to
  • Crawling – He exclusively crawls on his knees now; no more army crawl here
  • Pulling Up -He can now pull up on anything including walls
  • Milk – He moved completely to whole milk and dropped all bottles
  • Waving – When we were leaving our friend Amber’s house he waved goodbye and continues to do it most of the time
  • Daddy Time – This month marks the first time I left Cooper and it was for 3 nights!  It sounds like Daddy and Cooper had so much fun together.

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