1 Year Doc Check-up

Cooper is still healthy as ever and we are so grateful.  Now that we have returned from our trip the doctor is encouraging us to move to whole milk from a sippy cup instead of formula from a bottle.  At 9 months he thought we might skip to 2% milk, but he said we should stick with the full fat version.  He suggested we wait until 2 years to try peanut butter, but without other allergies to date, we shall see if we actually wait that long.  We are going to work on pointing to things with Cooper to see if this starts him pointing, we had not played with him this way before.  We found out that the bumps on his face, arms and legs is Keratosis pilaris, a genetic condition, that doesn’t need treatment.

Today he got 3 shots including the chicken pox vaccine.  It is so fascinating how much has changed since we were kids, when getting chicken pox was expected and they even had contagious parties to spread it.

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