Day 2: Erie or Bust

We were ready to tackle another full day of flying to get to Erie, CO.  We were looking forward to a few no-fly days and spending time with the Baer family.

The scenery is very brown once you enter Wyoming

Nearly a bust…  I must admit this was, by far, the worst day of flying the entire trip.  It was SO warm and bumpy, thank goodness Cooper and Rob appear to have much tougher stomachs than me.  I was of no help to anyone while I was sick for nearly all of the second 2 hour flight.  Rob was a superhero and not only flew the plane, but also sang songs and kept Cooper entertained too, what a saint!

The most welcome sight, the Erie airport.

The stranger anxiety appears to have passed, Cooper warmed up very quickly to Brian, Nicole, Dylan and Wyatt.

Wyatt, Nicole and Cooper


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