The Last of the Breast-Milk


Cooper’s last breast-milk feeding

When Cooper was born I had set a top goal to try to breastfeed him until he was 1.  With an upcoming road trip and the logistics of pumping in the plane my updated goal was to go through the end of May.  I had heard it could take a full month to stop my milk supply so I thought I would start now.  My body must have been ready, within one week I went from 100oz/week of breast-milk for Cooper to none.

It is kind of bitter sweet.  What an amazing gift to be able to provide the single food for your baby, but also fascinating to think how he has matured from only drinking milk to being able to feed himself solid food.  He has always been a great milk drinker, never caring if it came direct from me, a bottle given by me or someone else and whether that bottle contained breast-milk or formula.  This path started when he was just two weeks old and we had to start supplementing with some formula.   The early introduction of the bottle, and his openness, allowed for many people to enjoy the gift of being able to feed him during his first year.

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