9 Months!


Weight – 23.87 lbs (89%)

Height – 29.92 in (90%)

Head Size – 19.13 in. (99%)

  • Development: Cooper still spends much of his tummy time flailing his legs, but has now started to push up occasionally to get his belly off of the ground.  He loves to move in circles when on his belly, especially counter-clockwise circles.  When laying on his back he can grab your fingers and pull himself up to a sitting and then standing position.  He continues to love to give open mouth kisses on our cheeks.
  • Physical: His hair is still fluffy even as it continues to get longer and is getting darker.  He moved up to size 4 diapers and is still wearing size 12 month clothes.  He now has 4 teeth.  The books have noted that a baby’s eyes usually have changed to their long term color at this age, but Cooper’s are still blue-gray like they have been since birth.
  • Bedtime routine: We start at 7pm giving Cooper an 8oz bottle.  In his room we change him into a nighttime diaper (size 4), read two books, put him into a sleep sack, give him head kisses good night and sing a song.  He always flips over to his belly before falling asleep now.
  • Eating/Naps: We start the day with an 8oz bottle of breast milk (I am pumping 3 times a day for 20 minutes) at 7am, an hour or two later he will have oatmeal with applesauce before taking a nap.  Around 11am he will have another 2 jars of puree and 6 ounces of milk (or just 8oz of milk if we are out and about).  Typically around 1pm he will go down for an hour+ long nap and wake up for a 8oz bottle at 2 or 3pm.  We then try and feed him another 2 jars of puree close to our dinner time (6pm) which is followed up with a bottle at Cooper’s 7pm bedtime.  When drinking a bottle Cooper loves to either run his hand against your face or grab his feet until he gets his socks off.
  • Foods he has eaten: We have added cauliflower, blueberries, bananas, yams, zucchini, puffs and blueberry or apple muffins to his list of foods tried.  We found the first food he won’t eat, my pureed green beans, but he still enjoys the jarred kind.
  • Sleeping: Cooper is still an awesome sleeper and goes down around 7:30pm and now that I am home during the week I typically get up with him at 7am.
  • 9 month firsts: Up to 4 teeth, eating a non pureed muffin, and wearing a real airplane headset

All of his 9 month pictures are posted here.

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