Making New Friends, Transfers and Cart Rides

Ben, Avery, Braeden, Cooper and Addison

During my first week at home I am already seeing many of the perks.  I get to meet up with other friends who are at home and Cooper gets exposure to older kids.  Today we met up at Jenn’s with her two littlest kids and Adrienne came up with her two kiddos.  Braeden and Ben are just a week apart and will be 2 in 3 months.  Ben’s little sister Avery is 3.5 months old and exactly 20 weeks younger than Cooper.  Avery was born on my first day back to work after maternity leave.  Addison was the oldest kid at the play date and turned 2 last September.  We know Cooper is a big kid, but today it was reinforced when I learned that both Cooper and  Braeden weigh 22 pounds and they are over a year a part in age!

After the visit with the Turner and Miller families I had my first successful transfer of a sleeping Cooper from the car to crib.  Not having the bucket car seat that could be brought into the house means this will be a new reality for me, fingers crossed I can have more successful transfers in the future.

Napping Cooper

After the successful nap we went out to find food for Dad’s new gluten and dairy free diet.  This adventure took us to Trader Joe’s where Cooper had his first experience riding in a shopping cart.  He loved looking at the people and colorful food, but also seemed a bit overwhelmed.

First time sitting in a shopping cart


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