How to Make a Baby Pee

Checking out the beer

The day started out with the always fun PEPS meeting and then a doctor appointment for Cooper.  His pee had been smelling really strong like apple juice for a few days so they said we should come in and get it checked out.  They wanted a pee sample to check for diabeties.  How do you get a sample you ask?  We have always found during a diaper change that a little breeze seems to do the trick.  In the doctor’s office they have a little bag they put on him and then ask you to feed him hoping that triggers a baby to pee.  At first it didn’t work for Cooper, but then he settled right in peeing in the bag and pooping all over the outside, poor nurse…  We are happy to report that Cooper is not diabetic and everything was as expected.  The doctor even complemented Cooper on his head shape 🙂

We followed up this exciting evening by checking out a new brewery with Shannon (aka my fake cousin) and Brian.  The food, beer and company were all fantastic and it was a great evening out at the Elliot Bay Brewery in Lake City.

WHAT!!! You won’t let me have any beer???

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