33 Weeks: 7 years

This week Rob and I are celebrating our 7 year date-aversary.  Yes, I like to celebrate anything and everything that I can.  We had a fantastic brunch at the Space Needle and followed it with a nice 3 mile walk around Greenlake in the goregous sunshine. 

Space Needle Dinner 2005 (not our first date, but from our first few months together)


Space Needle Observation Deck April 2012
Base of Space Needle April 2012
 BK update:  During our 33 week appointment the doctor confirmed he is heads down and facing towards my spine, which is the desired position.   This also means his head is on my bladder and if it is a Kochman/Ingalls head then we are talking about a small bowling ball for both size and weight 😉  My belly is measuring spot on at 33cm, all of my tests are normal and I am still feeling really good.  We move to every 2 week, instead of once a month, appointments now.

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