25 Weeks: Drilling

At this point, the books say that BK can hear sounds, and if you have a dog or something loud in your environment they should grow comfortable with the sound even before they are born.  Rob and I realize we are very quiet people, but this week I have found the “loud” noise BK will learn to have as background noise.  We are doing the annual inspection on the airplane, and my part has been taking off all the inspection panels and soon putting them back on, once Rob completes the inspection.  This means hours of BK hearing the drill as I take off and put back on hundreds of screws.  BK is already a great sport, especially for some of the tighter quarters I put him in to get to all the access panels 🙂

I am still feeling really good and haven’t noticed any cravings, but have found that I eat all day long and usually eat a much smaller meal at dinner because I am so full at that point.

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